About Nick:

Nick Kelly grew up in Anderson Township, attended McNicholas High School and went on to graduate from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He currently owns a small business with his dad, a resident of Legendary Run. Nick’s involvement in small business at an early age is where he learned the importance of hard work and dedication. These skills have guided him over the years and have led him to be an advocate of open communication, fiscal responsibility and responsible township development since moving to Pierce Township in 2011.

Shortly after moving to Pierce Township, Nick organized a meeting with his neighbors in Country Club Estates to discuss the multiple break-ins that had been occurring in the neighborhood. With the help of a retired detective, Nick was able to engage the residents in an open and honest dialogue to help protect the homeowners in the area. Subsequent to the meeting, Nick formed a neighborhood watch program and established an email list for the neighborhood, which is used to quickly and effectively communicate critical safety and social matters.

In 2014, Nick was approached by several neighbors to serve as the HOA President for Country Club Estates. He was elected shortly thereafter, and has been leading the neighborhood by solving problems, administering dues and ensuring the communal areas are well-kept. He continued this quest to improve the neighborhood by becoming a more active citizen in Pierce Township. Nick fought to prevent undesirable development in the township with the Sterling Ridge and Stillmeadow properties. This persistent passion for leadership and service is what drove Nick to run for Pierce Township Trustee. Nick hopes that his continued dedication to the community will serve as a means to create positive change within the township by ensuring open communication, fiscal responsibility and responsible development.
Nick and his wife, Laura, have been married for five years and are the proud parents of one son, Owen.


Trustee Platform:

Responsible Development
The citizens of Pierce Township recently became very outspoken regarding certain developments, especially the Sterling Ridge proposed development. It is my opinion that the issue required too large a number of passionate neighbors before the trustees took action. I believe the township’s elected officials should be looking to the collective voice of the community to see what type of development is important to its constituents. The township should not need to settle for making zoning changes that facilitate undesirable development for the primary purpose of generating tax revenue. As a citizen and prospective Trustee, I want to advocate for development that will increase property value and enhance the desirability of the community for other business owners and companies.

Fiscal Conservatism
I believe in reduced government spending wherever possible. With the loss of revenue from Beckjord, it is imperative that spending is controlled. The cut in spending should be thoughtful and deliberate. I believe this can be done by looking at each expenditure on a line-by-line basis and considering the best and most effective way to spend tax dollars.

Open Communication & Transparency
Having a community that works together and values each other’s opinions and input is very important to me. Transparency starts at the top with the dispersal of information in a way that it is easily attainable for the average resident. It is important that residents know when township meetings are being held and what will be covered in upcoming meetings. In fact, I have approached the township and am eager to work with the township’s IT contractor to enhance the functionality of the township website. It’s also important that opinions and/or concerns voiced by residents are heard and embraced whether they attend township meetings regularly or not. The township has an abundance of valuable experience, knowledge and expertise amongst its’ residents, and these skills should be utilized and embraced it to their fullest potential. As a trustee, I would ensure that this is done by providing accessible lines of communication between the trustees and their constituents.




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